Free Web Browsing

Free Web Chinese Proxy. Relax and enjoy un-throttled browsing while using our service. You use our site to request other sites, it is as simple as typing in your favorite site into the search bar and hitting go!

Using our site keeps you anonymous and protects your real identity, and allows you to bypass restrictions placed on users by companies and government institutions.

What does a proxy accomplish?
A proxy provides anonymity by hiding your Internet Protocol (IP) address from the site that you are visiting. By routing your requests to your favorite site on the internet, first through our site, your favorite site will see our server as the client and therefore the trail stops there. Our server then forwards the response from the site to you, the client. If this still is not clear, this example might help. Suppose you create a message for site x. You send that message to our site; our system automatically rips off the sender information. We then forward the message to site x. Site x sends a response to our site. We then send that response back to you. Feel free to email us with further questions!
Why should we use a Proxy?
If you want to browse the internet anonymously, or do not want to expose your identity on the internet, then a proxy is for you. This provides a level of security and privacy when surfing the internet. Just take for example; you would not walk around advertising your home address, why should you be doing this on the internet? Your computer sends your identity out each time you visit a site with or without your knowledge. Like it or not, it is required to get the responses issued by servers back to you. Think of this as a return address, without it, a letter you mail to somebody would never receive a reply. Our site accomplishes the above and more. We have a compression mechanism in place which will actually reduce your bandwidth over a direct connection to your favorite site.